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(Please read the refund policy before booking)


Welcome to these four-week sessions in Past LGBTQ+ IN Mediumship, with Danielle The

Happy Medium this four-week session allows us to
Week 1 What is LGBTQ+ IN Mediumship?
Week 2 How does this affect mediumship readings?
Week 3 How do we present this in Mediumship/readings
Week 4 Gender Fluid uses in mediumship

This four-week course will allow us to explore an exciting new part of your mediumship,
with a deeper understanding of these areas.

Class Dates

May 7th, 6 pm till 7.30 pm
May 14th, 6 pm till 7.30 pm
May 21st, 6 pm till 7.30 pm
May 28th 6 pm till 7.30 pm


This course is available via zoom once booked a full breakdown will be send via email.

LGBTQ-in Mediumship.

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