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Join us and emerge yourself into past lives and soul contracts with Danielle, the Happy Medium, in this extraordinary six-week course. Each week unfolds a new chapter of understanding, providing a comprehensive exploration of your mediumship abilities.

Week 1 initiates the journey by decoding what a past life is.

 Week 2 guides you in uncovering the secrets of your own past lives.

Week 3 delve into the profound lessons embedded in past lives and soul contracts.

Week 4 unravels the concept of reincarnation, offering insights into the perpetual journey of the soul.

Transitioning into Week 5, explore the invaluable lessons and evolution that occur on the soul's journey.

Finally, Week 6 dives deep into the realm of soul contracts, providing a profound understanding of these spiritual agreements.

Build on your mediumship skills and spiritual medium training through this course, tailored for those seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual path. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and enhance your mediumship abilities – secure your spot now for a transformative experience with Danielle, your guide to spiritual growth.


This course is available via Zoom once purchased a full class breakdown will be sent via email.

Past Lives-Soul Contracts-6 weeks

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