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Welcome to what is evidence in mediumship? is Danielle's third book.


Danielle is excited to share her third book with you, this book has taken Danielle two years to write, and with it, she will support you on the journey of evidence with mediumship, of the private sitting world & the platform of those who want to see better evidence in their private sittings when taking them from a medium.


Danielle's abilities, as well as the assistance and teachings from the spirit world, have brought her great accomplishments and within this book, she shares knowledge, hints, and tips with those of all levels on their mediumship journey or those that are just curious.


Danielle wanted this book to be different so she included a development center covering all different topics from mechanics, evidence, exercises, support the journey of evidence in mediumship, and much, much more.

Come and join her as she answers questions that are frequently asked and also some personal stories of her own.


  • Understanding evidence

  • Different forms of evidence

  • developing your evidence

  • learn to understand what is good evidence is.

  • Mediumship Awareness

  • Mediumship development

  • Growing your relationship with the Spirit World

  • And more!

What is evidence in mediumship? (Digital Copy)

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