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Danielle, The Happy Medium

My name is Danielle, but many people know me as "Danielle the Happy Medium."

I have dedicated the last ten years to the profound practice of evidential Mediumship and have earned international recognition for my abilities.

How can I transform your mediumship?

Learning mediumship is easy! With my hand-designed mechanics from the spirit world, I train the beginner to the professional medium. The classes are designed with you in mind; no two classes are the same!

I am committed to the next generation of mediums.
I offer 121 mediumship development online,  which is fantastic for those who want to learn quickly with their mediumship development. It is also excellent for beginners or professionals.

My spirit team and I design classes explicitly; these classes are unique for students looking to learn at a pace or with a busy lifestyle! I love these classes! These classes are Building Mechanics. Seeing students flourish is fantastic for those without awareness of the spirit world to grow and become pros on the platform, in private sitting, and even in teaching!
Small, friendly, secure classes of 8 students—for a more intimate setting, to allow students to have more time with me, practice time, and gain confidence in their mediumship development.

Online via Zoom - covering different time zones to suit international students.

Additionally, I am the proud author of "Freestyle Mediumship,"  a book that shares some of my knowledge and experiences in Mediumship, offering readers a hands-on written style.
With this said, I have released my third book, `Evidence in Mediumship!` It is a book for all levels of development to expand that knowledge of evidence while doing platform or private sitting work!


Expand their knowledge

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Strengthen their link with the Spirit world

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Gain self-confidence in their own mediumistic abilities

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They flourish and are empowered to become their own unique medium

"You can master anything if
you believe in yourself"

More about what Danielle does:

I am a mother of two amazing daughters.
A big animal lover.
I love to read.
Plus travel.

Danielle The Happy Medium
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