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My name is Danielle, but many people know me as "Danielle the Happy Medium."

I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to the profound practice of evidential Mediumship and have earned international recognition for my abilities.

With a strong global presence, I extend my services to individuals across the UK, Europe, and America, connecting them with the spirit world and offering solace through my unique ability.

I hold a Diploma in Mediumship and have been honoured with Certificates in Guides and Psychic Mediumship, highlighting my expertise and commitment to the craft.

My journey as a Medium has been guided and shaped by the spirit world itself, providing me with unparalleled training and insight.

Additionally, I am the proud author of "Freestyle Mediumship," a book that encapsulates my knowledge and experiences in the world of Mediumship, offering readers a glimpse into the fascinating realm of spiritual connections.


Expand their knowledge

Strengthen their link with the Spirit world

Gain self-confidence in their own mediumistic abilities

They flourish and are empowered to become their own unique medium

"You can master anything if
you believe in yourself"

Danielle The Happy Medium

A bit more about what Danielle does:

Committed to mentoring the next generation of mediums.

Courses, Classes, Workshops, and Mentorships are specifically designed by myself and my spirit team.

Small, friendly, secure classes of 8 students - for a more intimate setting, to allow students to have more time with me, to allow more practice time, and to gain confidence within their mediumship development.

Online via zoom - covering different time zones to suit international students, based in the United Kingdom.

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