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A Different way to Mediumship!

Hello and a very warm welcome to The Odd Bod School of Mediumship.


Welcome to the new school, the first of its kind in this area and designed by Danielle, the Happy Medium, to assist you in your journey as a Medium. Danielle's training will assist you in growing your mind, your personal development and your soul through hands-on exercises and training. 


The in-person school, designed by Danielle The Happy Medium, is here to make a difference to you the medium and your mediumship. Here at the Odd Bod School, we want you to feel comfortable in your surroundings, enabling you to flourish and become your own unique medium whilst working with the spirit world. 

When Danielle spoke to the spirit world about this project, her question was, “How can I help your people?” The answer was simple, “Have great training, with amazing individuals that share knowledge on a budget that is suitable for everyone.” The Odd Bod school provides exactly that.

The school is based in a beautiful building that is in three sections and is spread across two acres of land, with the addition of space and breathtaking views. Inside is spacious and calming with all of the home comforts that you could ask for. All rooms are equipped with en-suite and have breathtaking views of the surrounding Durham Dales. The school caters to everyone with home-cooked meals on-site, catering for everyone needs.


The Odd Bod School of Mediumship offers you everything and that little bit more.


We invite you to look at Mediumship in a different way! Spirit-based, spirit training with the uniqueness that all mediums should be.

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