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A Guide to Spiritual Intelligence of the spirit world.

Updated: May 8

Welcome back, everybody. It’s a pleasure having you all back here with me today. Today's blog is all about spiritual intelligence.

We touched upon their subject in the last blog, Spiritual Guides and Helpers. It’s one of my favourite subjects for the general public, even for the more budding Medium for those in the professional mediumship arena and one that doesn’t get as much attention as it could do. For me, spiritual intelligence is a fabulous and exciting scientific way in which the spirit world works to allow us as individuals, whether it would be us as the general public or the mediums, to be able to explore what it is that they genuinely do over there in the spirit world! With communications of the spirit world and the knowledge in which they have!

So, let's get into spiritual intelligence, and we will start with the general public. One of the beautiful things about your loved ones in the spirit world is that they always know where you are and that they always know if you’re close by or nearby Medium. They will always try to relay a message to that Medium. I’ve seen this many times in demonstrations of mediumship where I have given a message to somebody else who is not in the room. Still, the spirit world knows that that person could get a message to their loved ones, which is fantastic! It goes back to a blog I wrote about two or three weeks ago, which is signs from heaven: intelligence is always working, and you are never alone. Hence, the next time you think that maybe you’re not alone, remember that intelligence is working and that they’re always trying to speak to you somehow! For those who are medium or those who are more in the professional world like me, intelligence is something that all of us Medium work with It is one of the things that we know to be true through the fact that when we do demonstration mediumship or private sittings the spirit world always knows who they want to be with and what evidence their want to talk about this even goes down to the message that is received by the general public that they are always there to support and guide us. I’ve seen this in plenty of demonstrations I’ve done over the years, and they may send the person that you were least expected to you because they have knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the problems! You are face at the time! Amazing, right? 

When intelligence is done right by us, the Medium. It is done beautifully, allowing us to tell the story of the loved one in the spirit world, and it is also beautiful evidence that life continues after this life. As I said, this is one of the topics that isn't discussed much. Yet, every Medium who works for the spirit world uses spiritual intelligence in some way, shape or form,

So, I’m going to leave this one here. Tell me what you think of this blog. Does this resonate with you? I’m

Danielle the happy medium.
Spiritual Intelligence

interested to hear your thoughts and feelings. Have a great week. I’ll see you all next week.

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Christine Coulson
Christine Coulson
Apr 25

i truly believe that spirit is with me in everything i do and helping me to understand what i need to know i feel them close and if there's something that they really need me to know i get the same thing repeating over and over again till i get what they are telling me i think spirit is amazing and they all so bring in tones and textures so i know who it is there wanting to get in touch with .thank you for doing these blogs truly amazing x

Danielle The Happy Medium
Danielle The Happy Medium
Apr 25
Replying to

Thank you for your interesting thoughts☺️ Your very welcome 💕

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