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Dreams of our loved ones in the spirit world.

Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome back to this week's blog. I’m happy to talk to you today about the dreams of our loved ones in the spirit world and what they mean.

Many people ask me as a medium, and it comes through a lot on evidential readings as evidence that your loved ones visit you from the spirit world and for me, this is always really, really exciting, especially for those who do have this, and for those who may not have these experiences, know that they may just need more time to come to you in your dreams,

So what does it mean when they come to you in your dreams? A couple of different things-

I’ll tell you a personal story about my Nanna being in the spirit world. When my Nanna comes, it’s always a time to either pay attention to what's happening around and about me here on earth or that something exciting is coming.

My daughter had a baby a fortnight ago. I knew before everybody else that the baby was coming, and my Nanna came to me in a dream and showed me a picture and a vision of the baby. Then, a week or two later, the baby was announced, so I knew before my son-in-law and my daughter.

So they very much do come to us when things are about to get exciting or if we need to pay more attention sometimes.

I have heard this from people I have read, including those who have told me about gorgeous colours. They have seen other loved ones, not just the immediate family but other loved ones that are there as well, And this is them taking you to the spirit world. They don’t come to this world. In our dreams, we go to the spirit world. We join them in the spirit world.

The science or theory? We all have a soul within us that resides in the spirit world. And when we are here in the earth world and when the time is right, when we go back to the spirit world, the soul returns, which is energy.

What happens is that when we’re dreaming, we go into a different set of brain waves, these are usually Delta and then also types of grammar with rapid eye movements sometimes within that and what happens is through them brain waves the mind is moved, and we all go back to the spirit world to join our loved ones for a very short time this is exciting.

This is one of the things people do talk to me a lot about when coming to see me and even when I am demonstrating as the Medium, and even though just on Reading or just in general as a question attend a lot across my YouTube channel if you’re not following us on my YouTube channel then maybe check this out.

So, does this happen often, dreaming of our loved ones in the spirit world for some people? Yes, for other people, not too much, and for others, not at all. For those who don’t have visits from their loved ones in the spirit world, check out my blog, which is signs from your loved ones! There is an exercise that you can do.

You can try to work with that to enable you to have visitation in your dreams or generally just with signs from your loved ones. Conversely, do you have to be a Medium to get dreams from your loved ones? No! But everybody is Medium, and I have talked about that in another blog within the blog poster on the website, so maybe check this out. 

Danielle The Happy Medium.
Dreams of our loved ones in the spirit world

Let me know if you’ve had any visitations from your loved ones. I’ll be back next week with another blog about all things spiritual. Have a great day. 

Lots and lots of love from the spirit world,

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Christine Coulson
Christine Coulson
May 12

when my brother passed i didn't get the chance to say good bye but a few weeks later he came to me in a dream he took me on a bus ride and then we went to a market i know it wasn't in England as the shops and stalls was set out different bur that did matter as we was just talking about anything and everything we went into a cafe for a drink after a while he said it's time for me to go so we went for the bus the bus came and i said why are you not getting on and he said it's time for us to part but i will see you again. he…


Geraldine Potts
Geraldine Potts
May 08

Yes I had a visitation after my mam passed I drempt me and my 2 sisters were sitting on the sofa and my mam was telling me off for not crying it seemed very real x

Danielle The Happy Medium
Danielle The Happy Medium
May 08
Replying to

How lovely💜

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