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Private Reading, do you know the differences?

Welcome back, everybody, to the next blog. In today’s blog, we will look at how you pick a medium for a specific reading that you are looking for.

This question is divided into two parts. There are two things we should consider when looking to book a private sitting.  

The first reason we have to understand is why we’re having a reading, so what kind of Reading are you looking for? 

Are you looking for a reading that entails fortune, predictions about your life, and how certain things may occur? Or are you looking to connect to the spirit world and speak to your loved ones? 

The misconception in the industry is that Medium are Psychics, and yes, we are psychics, but the spirit world does not predict the future as we have free will here on earth. 

Most mediums, if not all, such as the evidential medium, do not foretell the future. 

They give advice and guidance from your loved ones on the other side, so it’s essential that when we pick a medium or psychic, we have an idea of what we’re looking for in the reading.

So, I'm going to break them down. 

Psychic readings are precise, as they say; they tell the future. They predict future events and guide us about earthly matters, i.e., home relationships, family, and similar things. This reading involves no movement of the mind to the spirit world; all of your aura field around the body gives psychic information about you.

Second, Medium is a Psychic Medium for the future and can connect to the other side of life. So we can do both elements.

The third medium we should be looking at is the evidential medium,

Which only produces evidence and guidance from the spirit world. The difference between the second and third is that all information is from the spirit world and not half and half.

These are the three we should look at when we take any private reading.

Another thing to think about when picking a reading is whether or not your loved ones on the other side would like the medium and which you are looking to book.

Many of us will take recommendations from others, and I have seen this over the years in many private settings. People have come to me at the back of recommendations, and 90% of them have always gone very well. Still, there have been ones where they have friends who have had readings, and they’ve been very, very good, and then they have come to see me. And gone away, not as happy as their friends were, and that’s because I had a closer connection or similar sort of energy match of personality to their loved ones on the other side. 

So, this is an essential aspect of what we must understand regarding anything related to energy to a like-for-like match. That includes personalities and everything else that is resigning with our loved ones on the other side.

The reason this part is important is that when our loved ones come forward from the spirit world, they go back to being who they were when we knew them here in the earth world, so if your Nanna didn’t like to allow quite boisterous people, then she may struggle to work with a medium mind that is very loud boisterous and somewhat out there if your loved one is a tranquil love one then you want medium who certainly match that vibration of energy and personality to be able to connect more closely with that love one on the other side these are just some of the hints and tips that I can give it to get the very best from your reading.

Recommendations are great, but they are not always the right way to pick a reading with a loved one in the spirit world. I’ve been asked this question many, many times, and I feel it's important.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to get an excellent evidential psychic reading or a mixture of both available to you on the other side.

Now, one of the things that other people asked me is for animals. Again, if the animal is in the spirit world, you would be looking for an evidential or psychic medium. You wouldn’t pick a psychic for your animal if you were not in the spiritual world. If you have an animal here in the world of the earth, you would be looking for a psychic.

We must recognise and understand these steps to get the best from our readings. Therefore, we go away happy and acknowledge that the information we get is ultimately the best we can get.

Let me know how you get on the next time you book a reading.

It’s a short blog today, but one that’s just sort of coming back around. I feel it is good to write about.

Danielle The Happy Medium.
Private readings-Psychic and evidential-Do you know the difference?

See you all next week with another blog.

Have a great week!


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Tracey Mason
Jun 05

I never actually knew this, I knew of the different mediums, but not the full facts, Ive never had a reading, but when I decide to take the plunge I'll know now what to look for thanks for this xxxx

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