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Spiritual Guide & Helpers

Welcome to the intriguing realm of Guides. One topic that often arises on my YouTube channel and in the world at large is the distinction between spiritual guides and helpers. People are curious to know what a spiritual guide is and how it differs from a helper. It's important to understand that spiritual guides are there to support and aid us throughout our spiritual journey. This applies not only to Mediums but to everyone. We all have guides that help us explore different aspects of ourselves. Guides support us in our development as mediums as well as our growth in the practical world. Helpers, on the other hand, are our loved ones who have passed on to the other side and continue to support us with earthly matters. They provide us with signs and symbols to show that they are always around us. Spiritual guides can come in different forms, not just limited to Native Americans, Nuns, or Monks. They can be regular people like you and me who have passed on and decided to work in the spirit world.

Spiritual Intelligence is the term used to refer to the information about those who work in the Spirit World. Unlike in the Earth world, where we grow physically, in the Spirit world, we grow in knowledge. As a result, our guides come in various forms - all ages, all races, and all different nationally

- but they possess extensive knowledge to assist us on our spiritual journey, whether we are mediums or not. In the future, we will share more about Spiritual Intelligence. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this article.

Lots of love Danielle.

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