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A guide to Spiritual Healing, colour healing, & Animal healing.

Updated: May 8

It’s a pleasure again to be here with you all to discuss the topic of healing; in this blog, we will discuss different aspects of healing: what is healing spiritual healing? Crystal healing? Listening skills at healing are part of our way of life, and we must understand that healing has many different qualities. It allows us to become more vulnerable and be more present at the moment with our loved ones, with people we associate with, whether be business or personal or with whom we interact on a day-to-day basis; I’m a big person for kindness. I believe you should treat everybody with kindness no matter where you are, as many of us do. I don’t know what others are going through.

Spiritual healing is an aspect of mediumship. It allows us, as Mediums, to bridge the gap between this world and the next world and to be touched by the divine or spirit world in a very subtle but very compassionate way. 

Spiritual healing can and does help with certain illnesses. It is not a cure, but it allows us to gain the tools necessary to evolve continuously to work with life's challenges.

Crystal healing Many of you will know that crystals allow us to use them daily. Crystals, whether from the tourmaline family or the quart family, to name a few, all have properties within them that energetically change the auric field. The auric field is the energy field around each living thing, including humans.

This allows us to take on their properties and enables the auric field to use them so that we can then use their properties within our day-to-day lives to feel more confident and energetic. I am great for using the yellow Critine, which is very good to put in your purse and carry around to attract more money. Crystals bring many different properties to us and allow us to use them in our daily lives.

Another one is animal healing; animals bring great healing to the world. They are there as companions when we feel lost; they’re there to change the auric field, and many people talk about cats. I am a big cat lover, and I have to be honest: cats shift the energy in any home or room to move differently from a human. They will soak it up, and they will transmute it more positively. But all animals have this ability! I love animals for all that they are.

Even when we see Medium on demonstration to mediumship, are we going even for the private sittings, there’s always a healing element within that service or within that private sitting that lets you be reassured that your loved ones continuously watch on you, take care of you, and still support you from the other side. Many people sometimes don’t realise that when we take communication, it is sometimes a significant healing relief for people waiting a long time for communication. I’ve often heard, Danielle, why do my loved ones not come through? Why is it that my loved ones haven’t? You know, and it’s been nearly 20 years.

I always say to individuals in these areas that there are a couple of reasons for that:

- one is the development of the Medium,

-two is that your loved ones know you’re okay and things are going well. Our loved ones tend not to come unless we struggle a little; this is why some people don’t come through. 

Some people who receive messages the medium brings forward will have that healing element to allow them to move forward. One thing that we all struggle with, and I am going to do a blog on this, is the grief of losing somebody so important to us and struggling to be able to cope without them in day-to-day life; we all work with grief in different ways, and some people manage grief better than others so for me whenever you’re taking a communication always remember it’s not always just about the evidence it’s about the healing element that comes with it.

Healing is a fantastic thing that isn’t talked as much about within the Mediumship ability. Many of us are healers if not all! Whether be through hand healing, Crystal healing, spiritual healing or whether be through listening skill sets or even speaking skill sets, healing has many different areas that most of us don’t even realise we’re doing on a day-a-day basis, and this is where I talk about kindness speaking kindly Services of the act of kindness which is to help others. Still, without wanting something back in return, these are all what we call aspects of healing, and all allow us, even if we’re not a medium, but will allow us as individuals to support another when they’re in need. Financial support is also an element of healing; it will enable others to breathe until they find their feet.

Healing has many opportunities and potentials to heal the human mind and mother nature. Another significant aspect of healing is that many of us like to be on the beach or in the forest, but there is also a healing element. Their trees bring a great sense of healing, as does the water. We are starting to get into the elements here: fire, earth, water and air; all have aspects of healing elements to them and keep the natural balance within the world so that the world doesn’t become too out of balance.

Healing has many different options, even through food and what we drink. All have healing opportunities. 

Colour therapy is another opportunity to use healing in our everyday lives. I have talked about colour therapy before, and I have said colours will ultimately change your auric field, which will change your mood.

Everything we do in our daily lives has a healing element, either for ourselves or for others,

Danielle The Happy Medium

So, how does healing integrate into your world? How do you use healing in your lives? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be back next week with a blog post.


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