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Furry friend & Animals in Heaven.

Welcome back to another exciting blog with me, Danielle, your happy medium. Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of our furry friends and their role in the spirit realm.

It is another of my favourite topics to discuss, and it will benefit and support many people here. I've seen me do many readings for people with animals in the spirit world, and I've also had many people book me for readings with animals in the spirit world. Hence, it's always adorable to talk about them. And sometimes you know they often get missed in readings, or we don't always talk about animals as much in the spirit world as we do our loved ones. Still, they're essential to us and always support us from the spirit world, so what do animals do in the spirit world?

Well, when they return to the spirit world, the animals we had here continuously learn and grow like our loved ones on the other side. Do they support you down here even if you're not a medium?

They will still be there, helping you through those difficult times. One of the beautiful things about animals is that when we receive them here on Earth, we usually go through a tough time or are not always in a good place. Animals come into our lives to give us support, comfort, and unconditional love!

One of the fantastic things about our animals is that they give us unconditional love and love us regardless. You know, no matter what we've done, animals love us in every way, shape, and form, and I think that's one of the most you know beautiful things about our animals.

There is a question that people sometimes ask me about animals. Do our animals stay with our family members over there? Yes, yes, they do. Still, they also go over and do their things as well.

They go to different parts of the spirit world to learn more; if your animals want to support humans here in the Earth world, they will ultimately come back, typically, sometimes into the same family. This is where you've heard animals. Suppose you get another animal with the same personality and looks like the animal you once had, even though this is a new animal you have! Amazing!

This blog is not about our animals, but all animals worldwide, and most of us will have a favourite animal. If you look that up on the Internet, it's called a spirit animal, and it will tell you a lot about you.

I have a favourite animal, an elephant. On checking, I could see what strengths and characteristics that animal brings to me as an individual, so there's a bit of a search for you to do and see how it resonates with you.

See how that resonates with your character and personality. The next time you feel down or unsupported, try calling on that animal or your animals in the spirit world.

So, this is a blog about our animals, our very friends, and our continuous support here on Earth. Yes, yes, they do. They continuously guide us whenever we feel down or do good in life. as our animals love us always.

So, I will leave this one here this week. Let me know about your animals in heaven.

We missed a blog last week due to being sick, but I am back now, and I will see you all next week for another blog. Have a great week, and see you all next week. Bye for now.

Danielle The Happy Medium.
Furry Friends & Animals in Heaven.

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